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The Mission Miracle Everyone is Talking About!
Get CTR Vital for Health and Digestion NOW!
Try our 2 week trial. 1-24 month packs available. Get the amount that's right for you! FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US. 90 Day Plus Guarantee. Love it or get a full refund!
Your Mission. Your Health. Your Life.
Michaela Proctor was called to serve in the Zambia Lusaka Mission. While serving in Southern Africa, she was often exposed to difficult living conditions including drinking brown water, eating foods her body wasn’t used to, and more. Hear how CTR Vital Capsules were able to help her fulfill her mission daily.
When Kerrie Stone's son was called to serve in the Mexico Saltillo Mission, she began pondering and praying how she could best help her son stay healthy. Hear her experience as she decided to send her son with CTR Vital Capsules and the positive experience he is having so far -- both his health and his mission.
​Called to serve and assigned to labor in the Alabama Birmingham Mission, Brother and Sister Halley quickly found themselves needing help with allergies, water contamination after a massive tornado, and irregularity. Learn how they came to the decision to use CTR Vital on their mission and how it blessed them as they labored together.
Health risks are common. From parasites to the weather to food preparation, life on the mission may require an adjustment. Here’s a few things you may come across.
  •  Parasites: Acquired by eating or drinking contaminated food, water, and / or insect bites. Very common in Latin America, Africa, and Asian countries.
  •  Water Contamination: Drinking water from untreated or unknown water sources is a serious concern. Water sources may include chemicals, animal contamination, sewage, and other harmful toxins.
  •  Unknown Food/Food Preparation: Missionaries rarely deny food… no matter what it is or how it’s prepared.
  •  Environment/Weather: Temperature, humidity and exposure can lead to allergies and other seasonal negative health responses.
  •  Sanitation: Different cultural standards for bathing, laundry, hand washing, and pest infestation may all have a direct impact on your health.
Remove Impurities
CTR Vital can help remove impurities, parasites, and toxins
Relieve Stomach Discomforts
Relieve and prevent constipation, diarrhea, and other common stomach discomforts
Protect Your Digestive System
CTR Vital Capsules protect and strengthen your digestive system
CTR Vital capsules are a proprietary blend of natural herbs intended to help and improve your digestive system. For over 30 years, thousands have relied on this product for help with a variety of health concerns including:
  •  Constipation
  •  Diarrhea
  •  Parasites
  •  Stomach Discomfort
  •  Food and Water Contamination
  •  Colon Cleanse
  •  Allergies
  •  Acid Reflux
For missionaries, their families, and members, CTR Vital is the easy answer. Rest easy knowing you are doing everything you can possibly do to forget yourself and go to work.
CTR Vital capsules powerfully combine herbs that help your body absorb the nutrition it needs while regularly eliminating the rest.

Persimmon Leaves
Act as a mild laxative and a natural antihistamine to calm and reduce itching. It is superior for circulation of the blood.
Marshmallow Leaves
Calm and support the intestines. Long favored for bladder infections, digestive upsets, intestinal disorders, and kidney problems.
Malva Leaves
Soothe irritated membranes of the digestive system to relieve the stomach. Its anti-inflammatory properties also aid with discomforts from allergies and coughs.
Helps the intestines and stomach maintain a normal balance of bacteria while reducing the likelihood of growth of harmful bacteria.
Aloe Vera Gel
Gently helps clean the digestive tract which can relieve indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, flatulence, and IBS.
Help Your Missionary Today
For as little as 70 cents a day, you can help your missionary fulfill their purpose and return with a stronger, healthier body.
Try our 2 week trial. 1-24 month packs available. Get the amount that's right for you! FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US. 90 Day Plus Guarantee. Love it or get a full refund!
CTR Vital can help keep you healthy
for the labors you’re pursuing
* * * * *
Now I Can Sleep
“A short time after arriving in Cochabamba to serve as a temple missionary, I began having stomach problems which kept me from sleeping at night. I had gas, bloating and constipation. After using your product for just a week, my problems disappeared and I didn’t have another problem for the remainder of my mission. I am grateful for it! It saved my life, and now I’m recommending it to others. I am now serving a second mission in Mexico, and still so grateful for it!”
Sister Linda Johnson, Logan, Utah
* * * * *
Goodbye Parasites and Indigestion
After using this for three days, I was shocked when I looked in the toilet and saw a ball of round worms. I’m no longer plagued with constipation, indigestion or parasites.
* * * * *
Better Than Prescriptions for Colitis
I bought this for my husband who has colitis. We’ve tried everything with prescriptions, a lot of doctor visits, diets and everything in between. This beats all those expensive prescriptions the doctors have been prescribing him. It has made a huge difference! He no longer has the dying stomach pains after eating. He sleeps better too. This is the only thing that I have run across that has helped, and it is truly a miracle. It really works.
Marisa A.
* * * * *
No More Constipation
Life long constipation challenges became even worse after part of my colon was surgically removed. To everyone’s absolute shock, this product normalized my entire digestive system! My doctor was incredibly impressed and surprised!
Pauline A.
* * * * *
Thank You! Allergies and Hay Fever Relief!
I was given this product five years ago while visiting Northern Virginia where the dense foliage immediately caused burning, itchy eyes and congestion from hay fever. It was all gone in hours after starting the tea and did not return, making our trip so much more enjoyable. I’ve been using it ever since!
Get CTR Vital And FEEL The Difference Now!
Try our 2 week trial. 1-24 month packs available. Get the amount that's right for you! FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US. 90 Day Plus Guarantee. Love it or get a full refund!
What is this product?
CTR Vital Capsules are a unique herbal blend of all natural ingredients formulated by a doctor to assist your body in gently eliminating waste, foreign matter and toxins from your digestive system acquired from every day living. It promotes healthy functioning of the stomach and colon.
What's in it?
CTR Vital Capsules are made from a proprietary blend of Malva L​eaves, Persimmon Leaves, Marshmallow Leaves, Acidophilus, and Aloe Vera Gel.
What do people use CTR Vital Capsules for?
Although with the FDA guidelines we cannot say that it “cures” any disorder, people have enthusiastic testimonials for:

Constipation Relief
Stomach Pain Relief
IBS Hellp
Aid for Allergies
Swelling and Bloating
Colon Cleanse
Food & Water Contamination

All these make it perfect for missionaries, members, and travelers.
How much does it cost?
See our pricing options at the bottom of this page.
How long does it take to arrive after ordering?
We usually ship within one business day. It will be shipped in either a flat-rate USPS box or a white plastic-poly envelope.
What are the directions to take the capsules?
Take one capsule each day with a meal or 8 0z. glass of water. Directions are also included on the package.
Can I take CTR Vital Capsules when also taking other medication or perscriptions?
Do not consume the capsule at the same time of day that you are taking prescription or medication. This a digestive / cleansing product, so to take it with medicine means that it may clean the medication right out of your system. Wait 2 hours before or after taking medication or prescription before taking CTR Vital Capsules.
What about toxin release? Will I be sick or running to the bathroom when I first start taking the capsules?
Some people have no health incidents — others do. 

Listen to your body. If you are spending a lot of time in the bathroom, reduce your daily consumption of the capsule — cut back to use every other day or less if needed.

You may experience toxins being released through any (or none) of he following as it varies greatly from person to person: ​

Body odor
Gas / Flatulence
A “bug” that feels like a mild case of the flu

​If you experience any of these, please hang on. Your body will clenase itself and be better than ever in a short, 2-3 day period.​
Is it common to experience constipation when taking the capsules?
Some people have a brief experience becoming constipated with the capsules. The assumption is that dried fecal matter is being loosened and may get “stuck”. Keep taking the capsules each day and drink plenty of water.
How will I know the capsules are working?
Everyone responds differently. Keep track of how you’re feeling from day to day and from week to week. Many people notice a difference in a day or so, while others it takes a bit longer.

The capsules often address unrelated discomforts and ailments that have been bothersome. Many find that the benefits go far beyond what you may have originally purchased the capsules for.
Will I lose weight?
Some people do lose weight with the capsules. If you are following a weight loss plan, the capsules may help, but not necessarily. Personal results vary greatly. However, “belly bulge” often flattens as you get rid of the old fecal and undigested matter.
What does the FDA say about the capsules?
This is an herbal product. There is no intention to practice medicine with this product. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any specific condition.​
Either CTR Vital Will Work for You
Or You Shouldn't Have to Pay For It.
Our 90 Day Plus Guarantee
We're so sure you will love CTR Vital that we offer a full 30 days to try the product, then an additional 60 days to request your refund if you're not completely satisfied!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Order CTR Vital NOW! 
Your Mission. Your Health. Your Life.
Try our 2 week trial. 1-24 month packs available. Get the amount that's right for you! FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US. 90 Day Plus Guarantee. Love it or get a full refund!
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